Shell Pernis, together with A1 Werkplan, is tackling twenty factories at the same time

Shell Pernis tackles twenty factories at the same time: every valve, nut and screw is examined, repaired or replaced.

With A1 Werkplan we supply technical personnel for current maintenance projects at Shell Pernis and Shell Moerdijk for various contractors, such as pipe fitters, flange fitters, welders and E&I technicians. has made beautiful images of Shell Pernis, where even some men from A1 Werkplan are in the picture.

Shell Pernis is undergoing the largest turnaround in the history of Europe's oldest and largest refinery. Never before have so many factories been inspected, renovated and renewed at the same time. The operation has been prepared for two years and is part of the sustainability process of the Shell Energy and Chemical Park Rotterdam.
A total of twenty factories will be overhauled this year. The first eleven petrol plants have already been fully examined and tackled sustainably. Until mid-June, nine other installations will be up and running, including two chemical plants. Every cover, nut and screw is inspected, repaired, re-greased or replaced. Meanwhile, production has come to a standstill.

Due to logistics and available manpower, the maintenance of the twenty factories has been divided into two periods. “We have approached forty contractors from the region to get this job done, but they also maintain the four other refineries in the region. We have to take that into account."
Normally, about 1900 people work on the site in the Botlek. Now there are 4000: from cleaners, welders and mechanics to scaffolding builders, painters and aerial platforms. They walk around the grounds in different colors of safety suits and helmets and they eat in the mini-village that has been built up. Connected portcabins form a cluster per factory.
The men (and several dozen women) come from all over Europe. "I think there are fifteen nationalities here. Language is sometimes a problem, but we ensure that a foreman speaks English, German or Dutch for each nationality. You do not want safety to be compromised because people do not understand each other."


2022-05-12 - a1werkplan