DBP management


Please find below Engineering (EPC) and Project Management Definitions.


A/CAir Conditioner
A/GAbove Ground
AABCAssociated Air Balance Association
AACEAmerican Association of Cost Engineers
AARHArithmetic Average Roughness
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transpor
ABPRAnimal Byproducts
ABSAcylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ABWRAdvanced Boiling Water Reactor
ACAsphalt Concrete
ACARPAustralian Coal Association Research Program
ACCUAir Cooled Condensing Unit
ACIAmerican Concrete Institute
ACSAmerican Construction Society
ACTAutomatic Custody Transfer
ADAnaerobic Digestion
ADCAverage Daily Consumption
ADIPAmino Di Isopropanol
ADMArrow Diagram Method
ADRAluminium Dome Roof
AEDCAward Engineering/Design Contract
AFBMAAnti Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association
AFCAutomatic Frequency Control
AFFFAqueous Film Forming Foam
AFNORAssociation Francaise de Normalisation
AFRAverage Flow Rate
AGAAmerican Gas Association
AGCAssociated General Contractors
AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers Association
AHArabian Heavy
AHUAir Handling Unit
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIHAAmerican Industial Hygiene Association
AISCAmerican Institute of Steel Construction
AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
ALARAAs Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALARPAs Low as Reasonably Practicable
ALEAbnormal Level Earthquake
ALPArticulated Loading Platform
ALSAccidental Limit State
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMHActual Manhour
AMRSAdvanced Mobile Radio System
ANPAcid Neutralisation Pit
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AOFAbsolute Open Flow
AOVAir Operated Valve
APCSApproved Protective Coating System
APDAutomated Piping Design
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APSApplications Software
ASAcid Sewer
ASBAsymmetrical Beam
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDAllowable Stress Design
ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air C
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASPAluminium Steel Polyethylene
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ATBAll Trunks Busy
ATFAlternative Transport Fuels
AUPAverage Unit Price
AUTAutomated Ultrasonic Testing
AVBAtmospheric Vacuum Breaker
AWAcid Waste
AWEAAmerican Wind Energy Association
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
AWOAdditional Work Order
AWPAAmerican Wood Preservers Association
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWWAAmerican Water Works Association


B&SBell and Spigot
B.C.D.Bolt Circle Diameter
BBBolted Bonnet
BBDBoiler Blow Down
BBEBevel Both Ends
BCBolted Cover
BCSABritish Constructional Steelwork Association
BDBolt Down
BDRBlast Design Requirement
BDTBulk Data Transfer
BEBeveled End
BEASTBuilding Evaluation and Screening Tool
BEDDBasic Engineering Design Data
BEEBundesverband Erneuerbare Energie
BEPBreak Even Production
BEVBreak Even Value
BFBlind Flange
BFDBlock Flow Diagram
BFPBackflow Prevention
BFWBoiler Feed Water
BICSIBuilding Industry Consulting Services Internationa
BIOXBiological Oxidation
BLBattery Limit
BLEBevel Large End
BLEVEBoiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
BMBending Moment
BMSBurner Management System
BOBuild, Operate
BOBBottom of Barrel
BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand
BOEBevel One End
BOFBottom of Foundation
BOMBill of Material
BOOBuild, Own, Operate
BOOTBuild, Own, Operate, Transfer
BOPBottom of Pipe
BOPDBarrels of Oil Per Day
BOSBalance of System
BOTBuild, Operate, Transfer
BPCDBarrels per Calender Day
BPDBarrels Per Day
BPSBytes per Second
BRABuilding Risk Assessment
BSBritish Standards
BSDBuilding Standards Division
BSEBevel Small End
BSIBritish Standards Institution
BTMBuoyant Turret Mooring
BTUBritish Thermal Unit
BUBusiness Unit
BWButt Weld
BWEABritish Wind Energy Association
BWPDBarrels of Water per Day


CCentigrade; Celsius
C&IControls and Instrumentation
C-CCentre to Centre
C/RChange Request
CADComputer Aided Design
CADDComputer Aided Drafting and Design
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CALMCaternary Anchor Leg Mooring
CAMCongested Area Modelling
CAMACentralised Automatic Message Accounting
CAN/CSACanadian Standards
CAOCertified Acceptance by Operations
CAPEXCapital Expenditure
CAREConservation Accreditation Register for Engineers
CASCaustic Sewer
CBControl Building
CBCCoupled Bonding Conductor
CBMCoal Bed Methane
CBNGCoal Bed Natural Gas
CBRCalifornia Bearing Ratio
CBSControllable Bent Sub
CCCComodity Classification Code
CCEICommon Class Expansion Indices
CCIRInternational Radio Consulative Committee
CCISCommon Channel Interoffice Signalling
CCNCatalog Classification Number
CCOCurrent Cost Outlook
CCPSCentre for Chemical Process Safety
CCSComputer and Communication Services
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CDChemical Drain
CDCCentral Dispatch Center
CDRCritical Design Review
CDSCentral Dispatch System
CEMAConveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association
CFPCapital Facilities Plan
CFPEChief Fire Prevention Engineer
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CGACompressed Gas Association
CGTCombustion Gas Turbine
CGTGCombined Gas Turbine Generator
CHPCombined Heat and Power
CHSCircular Hollow Section
CICast Iron
CIFCommunity and Industrial Facility
CIRIAConstruction Industry Research and Information Ass
CISContract Information System
CISHECChemical Industry Safety, Health and Environmental
CJContraction Joint
CLCentre Line
CMAACrane Manufacturers Association of America
CMTConstruction Management Team
CMUConcrete Masonry Units
CNCComputer Numerically Controlled
CNPPCountry Nuclear Power Profiles
COClean Out
COCContinuously Oily/Chemical Contaminated
COGENCombined Generation
COLACost of Living Allowance
COMAHControl Of Major Accident Hazards
COMFARComputer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Report
COTCharacter Orientated Terminal
COTSCommercial Off The Shelf
CPFCentral Processing Facility
CPTCone Penetration Test
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPVCChlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
CRSIConcrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CSCarbon Steel
CSACanadian Standards Association
CSGCoal Seam Gas
CSIRCentre of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSOCar Sealed Open
CSPConcentrated Solar Power
CSUDConstruction Start Up Date
CSWClean Storm Water
CTCoiled Tubing
CTICooling Tower Institute
CTOPCracked Tip Opening Displacement
CTSConstruction Technical Support
CWCoated and Wrapped
CWOChain Wheel Operator
CWPContractors Work Plan
CWRCooling Water Return
CWSCooling Water Supply


D&BDesign and Build
D-ADigital to Analog
D/CDirect Charge
D/PDifferential Pressure
DAFDissolved Air Flotation
DASDDirect Access Storage Device
DAVData Above Voice
DBDesign, Build
dBADecibels using the A-weighted scale
DBMDesign Basis Memorandom
DBODesign, Build, Operate
DBOTDesign, Build, Operate, Transfer
DBSPDesign Base Scoping Paper
DCDirect Current
DCCDisaster Control Centre
DCLMDirect Charge List of Materials
DCSDistributed Control System
DDCDirect Digital Controller
DDDDirect Distance Dial
DEADi Ethanol Amine
DELDirect Exchange Line
DEMADiesel Engineers Manufacturers Association
DFTDry Film Thickness
DFWDeaerator Feed Water
DGADi Glycol Amine
DIDuctile Iron
DIDDirect Inward Dialling
DIFDynamic Increase Factor
DINDeutche Industrie Normen (German Standard)
DMSDynamic Pile Monitoring
DMWDemineralised Water
DNDiameter Nominal (Metric)
DOBISDortmunder Bibliothekssystem
DODDirect Onward Dialling
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DOXDirect Overhead Expense
DPDynamic Positioned
DPCDestination Point Code
DPDTDouble Pole Double Throw
DPSRData Processing Service Request
DRPDistribution Requirement Planning
DSDrilling Sites
DSCDye Solar Cells
DSIDigital Speech Interpretation
DSWDistilled Water
DTDuct Trims
DTDRDial Tone Delay Recorder
DTEDrill Through Equipment
DUVData Under Voice
DVDDedicated Voice Dispatch
DWDrinking Water
DWFDry Weather Flow
DWTDead Weight Tonnes
DWVDrain, Waste, Vent


EExhaust Steam
E&IElectrical and Instrumentation
E&PExploration and Production
EAGEEuropean Association of Geoscientists and Engineer
EBExtended Bonnet
ECDEnergy Conversion Device
ECLEstablished Column Line
EDHElectrical Duct Heater
EDMEngineering Department Manual
EDMSElectronic Document Management System
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EEMUAEngineering Equipment and Material Users Associati
EFEvaluation Factor
EFDEngineering Flow Diagrams
EFRTExternal Floating Roof Tank
EFWElectric Fusion Welded
EHFExtra High Frequency
EIEnd Item
EIAEnvironmental Impact Analysis
EISEquipment Inspection Schedule
EIVEmergency Isolation Valve
EJExpansion Joint
ELEExtreme Level Earthquake
ELFEXTEqual Level Far End Cross Talk
ELSBMExposed Location Single Buoy Mooring
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMDElectric Motor Drive
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EMTElectrical Metallic Tubing
EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
EOTElectric Overhead Travelling
EPCEngineering Procurement Construction
EPCIEngineering Procurement Construction Installation
EPCmEngineering, Procurement, Construction Management
EPDMEthylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer / EP Rubber
EPICEngineering Procurement Installation Commisioning
ERExpenditure Request
ERCExpenditure Request Completion
ERLEcho Return Loss
ERMEnvironmental Resource Management
ERPGEmergency Response Planning Guidelines
ERWElectric Resistance Welded
ESDEmergency Shutdown
ESDUEngineering Sciences Data Unit
ESLEstablished Site Level
ESOEngineering Service Order
ESPEthane Separation Plant
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETBEEthyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
ETLPExtended Tention Leg Platform
ETPRExtended Thermal Plastic Rubber
ETSEmissions Trading Scheme
EWEye Wash
EWAExtra Work Authorisation
EWHElectric Water Heater
EWOEngineering Work Order


F-FFace to Face
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAOFood and Agriculture Organisation of the United Na
FATFactory Acceptance Test
FBEFlange Both Ends
FBHPFlowing Bottom Hole Pressure
FCAWFlux Cored Arc Welding
FCCFluid Cat Cracker
FCOFloor Clean Out
FDFloor Drain
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexing
FDSFire Detection System
FEFinite Elements
FEAFinite Element Analysis
FED STDFederal Standard
FEEDFront End Engineering Design
FEMFinite Elements Modelling
FEPPerfluoro (Ethylene-Propylene) Copolymer
FESFlywheel Energy Storage
FFFinished Floor
FFLFinished Floor Level
FFPFirst Flush Pond
FFSFitness For Service
FFWField Fillet Weld
FGFuel Gas
FGHHigh Pressure Fuel Gas
FGLLow Pressure Fuel Gas
FGRSFlare Gas Recovery System
FIIndicating Flow Meter
FLEFlexible Large End
FLNGFloating Liquified Natural Gas
FLOFlushing Oil
FLPFloating Loading Platform
FMFactory Mutual
FMRField Material Requisition
FMUFitting Make Up
FNPTFemale National (Taper) Pipe Threads
FOFuel Oil
FOBFlat on Bottom
FOEFlange One End
FOFFace of Flange
FOTFlat on Top
FPFull Port
FPEFair Price Estimate
FPSFloating Production System
FPSOFloating Production Storage and Offloading
FPUFloating Production Unit
FR&PForm, Rebar and Pour
FREDFire Release Explosion Dispersion
FRLFinished Road Level
FRPFibreglass Reinforced Plastic
FSFactor of Safety
FSEFlange Small End
FSHRFree Standing Hybrid Riser
FSOFloating Storage and Offloading
FTFoot, Feet
FTSPMFixed Tower Single Point Mooring
FVFull Vacuum
FWFillet Weld
FWHPFlowing Well Head Pressure
FWHTFlowing Well Head Temperature


GASMOGulf Arab Standards and Measurement Organization
GBEGroove Both Ends
GCGas Cromatograph
GEGroove End
GEAGeothermal Energy Association
GESCGeneral Engineering Services Contract
GFRPGlass Fibre Reinforced Plastic
GGGart Gas
GHGGreen House Gas
GIGeneral Instruction
GIMGlobal Interface Meeting
GIPGas Injection Plant
GJGround Joint
GLEGroove Large End
GMAWGas Metal Arc Welding
GMPGuaranteed Maximum Price
GOGear Operator
GOEGroove One End
GOMGulf of Mexico
GORGas Oil Ratio
GOSGrade of Service
GOSPGas Oil Seperation Plant
GPFGeneral Planning Forecast
gpm Gallons per Minute  
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRPGlass Reinforced Plastic
GSGravity Sewer
GSEGroove Small End
GSIGeological Strength Index
GSPDGeneral Service Plant Depreciation
GSPRGeneral Service Potential Rise
GSSGravity Sewer System
GSVGross Standard Volume
GT-MHRGas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor
GTAWGas Tungsten Arc Welding
GTEGeneral Telephone and Electronics
GWRGuided Wave Radar


H2SHydrogen Sulphide
HAZHeat Affected Zone
HAZIDHazard Identification
HAZOPHazard and Operability Study
HBHose Bibb
HCLHydrochloric Acid
HCRHybrid Catenary Riser
HDBHydrostatic Design Basis
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene
HEHeat Exchanger
HFHigh Frequency
HIHydraulic Institute Standard
HICHydrogen Induced Cracking
HIPSHigh Integrity Protection System
HKHardness Knoop Scale
HLTHeap Leach Trial
HMIHuman Machine Interface
HOHydraulic Oil
HOVHydraulic Operated Valve
HPHigh Pressure
HPAASHigh Pressure Air Assist System
HPFSHigh Point Finished Surface
HPGHyperion Power Generation
HPPHigh Point Paving
HPPTHigh Pressure Production Trap
HPTTHigh Pressure Test Trap
HRHuman Resources
HR15NHardness Rockwell 15N Scale
HRBHardness Rockwell B Scale
HRCHardness Rockwell C Scale
HRSGHeat Recovery Steam Generator
HSEHealth Safety & Environment
HSFGHigh Strength Friction Grip
HSGHydrogen Sulphide Gas
HTHeat Treatment
HVHardness Vickers Scale
HVACHeating Ventilation Air Conditioning
HVLHighly Volatile Liquid
HWHand Wheel


I&CInstrumentation and Controls
IAInstrument Air
IALAInternational Association of Lighthouse Authoritie
IAMGInternational Association for Mathematical Geology
IAPMOInternational Association of Plumbing and Mechani
IASSInterantional Association for Shell and Spacial St
IBBMIron Body Bronze Mounted
IBCInternational Building Code
IBNInstitute Beige de Normalisation
IBPSIntermediate Booster Pump Station
ICIntermediate Cross Connect
ICDInflow Control Devices
ICEInstitution of Civil Engineers
ICEAInsulated Cable Engineers Association
ICPRInterantional Concrete Repair Institute
ICVInflow Control Valve
IDInch Diameter
IDAInternational Development Association
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commision
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFInertial Filter
IFBIssue for Bid
IFCIssued For Construction
IFRInternal Floating Roof
IGCCIntegrated Gasification Combined Cycle
ILInvert Level
ILDInstrument Loop Diagram
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
IMCInternational Mechanical Code
IMOInternational Maritime Oraganization
IMSInformation Management System
IMTSImproved Mobile Telephone System
INTIBIndustrial and Technological Information Bank
IPInterface Point
IPCInternational Plumbing Code
IPPTIntermediate Pressure Production Trap
IPSIntermediate Pump Station
IPTIInternational Petroleum Technology Institute
IRIndustrial Relations
IRECInterstate Renewable Energy Council
IRHDInternational Rubber Hardness
IRISInternational Reactor Innovative and Secure
IRMInspection, Repair and Maintenance
IRRInternal Rate of Return
ISAInternational Society for Measurement and Control
ISBLInside Battery Limits
ISDInstrument Segment Diagram
ISFIndustrial Support Facilities
ISLTIndian Spring Low Tide
ISNRSInside Screw Non Rising Stem
ISOInternational System Standard
ISRSInside Screw Rising Stem
ISSInstrument Specificaton Sheet
ISTRUCTEInstitution of Structural Engineers
ITInformation Technology
ITBInvitation to Bid
ITCSImpact Tested Carbon Steel
ITPInspection and Test Plans
ITSIndirect Tensile Strength
IWAIndividual Work Area


JDAJoint Development Agreement
JEJoint Efficiency
JISJapanese Standards Association
JVJoint Venture


KCSKilled Carbon Steel
KOKnock Out


L/MList of Materials
LANLocal Area Network
LATLowest Astronomical Tide
LCCLife Cycle Cost
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LDFLay Down in Field
LDPELow Density Polyethylene
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LELLower Explosive Limit
LFCPLocal Fire Control Panel
LFGTELandfill Gas To Energy
LFLLower Flammable Limit
LIBISLeuvens Integraal Bibliotheek System
LJLap Joint
LLPLast Landed Price
LMTDLog Mean Temperature Difference
LNGLiquified Natural Gas
LOLube Oil
LOBLimited Open Book
LODMATLowest One Day Mean Atmospheric Temperature
LPLow Pressure
LPCPDLitres Per Capita Per Day
LPDLoss Prevention Department
LPDCPDLitres Per Dental Chair Per Day
LPDTLow Pressure Degassing Tank
LPFSLow Point Finished Surface
LPGLiquified Petroleum Gas
LPHPDLitres Per House Per Day
LPPLow Point Paving
LPPTLow Pressure Production Trap
LPSMPDLitres Per Capita Square Meter Day
LPTLow Point
LRLong Radius
LRFDLoad and Resistance Factor Design
LS/PMLump-sum Procure/Build
LSPBLumpsum, Procure, Build
LSTKLumpsum Turnkey
LTLead Time
LTELong Tangent Elbow
LUPLand Use Permit
LVLow Voltage
LWNLong Welding Neck


MACsMoves, adds, changes
MAGMetal Active Gas Welding
MATICSMaterial Inventory Control System
MAWPMaximum Allowable Working Pressure
MBCDThousand barrels per Calender Day
MBDThousandd Barrels per Day
MBODThousand barrels per Operating Day
MCMain Cross Connect
MCCMechanical Completion Certificate
MCTMulti Cable Transit
MDMeasured Depth
MDEAMethyl-di-ethynol amine
MDMTMinimum Design Metal Temperature
MDOFMulti Degree of Freedom
MEAMono Ethanol Amine
MESGMaximum Experimental Safe Gap
MFMeter Factor
MFAPMembrane Filtration Affinity Purification
MFCLMaterial Flow Control List
MFSMaximum Flooding Surfaces
MHMan Hole
MHAMotor Head Assembly
MIMalleable Iron
MICMinimum Ignition Current
MICAMaterials Investment Control Analyst
MIGMetal Inert Gas Welding
MJMechanical Joint
MMAManual Metal Arc Welding
MMIMan Machine Interface
MMSMinerals Management Service
MMscfdMillion standard cubic feet per day
MNPTMale National (Taper) Pipe Threads
MOMist Oil
MODMinistry of Defence
MODUMobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOFMaterials Offloading Facility
MOPUMobile Offshore Production Units
MOSAICMaterials on Order Status Analysis Information and
MOTMinistry of Transport
MOUMemorandom of Understanding
MOVMotor Operated Valve
MPMagnetic Particle Testing
MPFMMultiphase Flow Meter
MPMSManual of Petroleum Measurement
MPPManpower Projection Plan
MPTAMechanical Power Transmission Association
MRMaterial Requisition
MRCMaximum Reservoir Contact
MRFManpower Requirements Forecast
MROMaintenance Repair Operations
MSMild Steel
MSCMaximum Sustained Capacity
MSDMaterial Selection Diagram
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MSEMaterial System Enhancements
MSISMaterial Supply Information Systems
MSLMean Sea Level
MSOMaterial Supply Organisation
MSSManufacturers Standardization Society
MTMagnetic Particle Testing (Exam)
MTBEMethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTOMaterial Take Off
MTRMaterial Test Report
MTSMaterial Teleprocessing System
MWOMaintenance Work Order
MWPMajor Work Phase
MxFMale by Female


N/ANot Applicable
NACENational Association of Corrosion Engineers
NBRNitrile-Butadiene/Nitrile of BunaN Rubber
NCCINon Contradictory Complimentary Information
NCRNon Conformance Report
NCUNational Currency Unit
NDENon Destructive Examination
NECNational Electrical Code
NEINuclear Energy Institute
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
NESCNational Electric Safety Code
NEXTNear End Cross Talk
NFPANational Fire Protection Association
NGNatural Gas
NG-BUENon Gaussian Best Unbiased Estimate
NGLNatural Gas Liquids
NGLCNatural Gas Liquids Centre
NHANational Hydrogen Association
NIRNear Infrared
NMCNetwork Maintenance Centre
NOABLNational Wind Speed Database
NOCNational Oil Company
NOCCNetworks Operations Control Centre
NPLNeutral Pressure Level
NPSNominal Pipe Size
NPSHNet Positive Suction Head
NPSHANet Positive Suction Head Available
NPSHRNet Positive Suction Head Required
NPTNational (Taper) Pipe Thread
NPVNet Present Value
NPVRNet Present Value Ratio
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NRSNon-Rising Stern
NRTLNationally Recognised Testing Laboratory
NSFNational Sanitation Foundation
NSSSNational Structural Steelwork Specification
NTSNot to Scale


O&GOil and Gas
O&ROverhaul and Repair
OATOperational Availability Test
OBEOpen Book Estimate
OCIMFOil Companies International Marine Forum
OCMAOil Companies Materials Association
ODOutside Diameter
OGOEADOil and Gas Operations Exploration Applications Di
OHOn Hand Quantity
OHSOccupational Health and Safety
OIOOperational Investment Overhead
OOOn Order Quantity
OPECOrganisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEXOperating Expenditure
ORGANIGRAMOrganisational Diagram
OSOily Sludge
OS&YOutside Screw and Yoke
OSBLOutside Battery Limits
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
OSIOnstream Inspection
OSPOil Supply Planning and Scheduling
OTOrienting Tool
OTKOil Tank
OTMOverturning Moments
OWOily Water
OWPOily Waste-Water Pond
OWPUOily Water Pre-seperator Unit
OWSOily Water Sewer
OWSJOpen Web Steel Joist


POil and Oil Products
P&ICPurchasing and Inventory Control
P&IDsProcess and Instrument Diagrams
P-IPressure Impulse
P-TPressure Temperature
P/EPlanning Engineer
P/LPipe Line
PAProcess Air
PATISPurchasing and Traffic Information System
PAWPlasma Arc Welding
PBProcess Block
PBEPlain Both Ends
PBMRPebble Bed Modular Reactor
PCAPortland Cement Association
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCCPowder Control Centre
PCCIPower Capital Costs Index
PCIPrecast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
PCLProject Construction Leader
PCOSProject Completion System
PCPTPiezocone Penetrometer
PCSProcess Control System
PDCPeak Daily Consumption
PDMPrecedence Diagram Method
PDMSPetroleum Database Management System
PDOPlan for Development and Operation
PDPPlasma Display Panel
PDRPreliminary Design Review
PDSPlant Design System
PELFEXTPower Sum Equal Level Far End Cross Talk
PEMProject Execution Manual
PEPProject Execution Plan
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Techniques
PESPotential Explosion Site
PETROMINPetroleum and Mineral
PFPeak Factor
PFAPerfluoro (Alkoxyalkane) Copolymer
PFCPredicted Final Cost
PFDProcess Flow Diagram
PFRPeak Flow Rate
PGPurge Gas
PGAPeak Ground Acceleration
PHCPeak Hourly Consumption
PIBProcess Interface Building
PICIndicating Pressure Controller
PIPProcess Industry Practise
PIVPost Indicator Valve
PLCPower Line Carrier
PLEPlain Large End
PMProject Manager
PM&CProject Management and Construction
PMCProject Management Contract
PMIPositive Material Identification
PMSProject Management Services
PMSCProject Management Services Contract
PMSDProject Materials Supply Department
PMSOProject Material Services Organisation
PMTProject Management Team
POPurchase Order
POCPotentially Oil/Chemical Contaminated
POEPlain One End
POMPipeline Operations Module
POOHPulled Out of Hole
POSPoint of Support
PPProject Proposal
PPBParts per Billion
PPIPlastics Pipe Institute
PPMParts per Million
PRPurchase Requisition
PRE-FATPre-Factory Acceptance Test
PSPipe Support
PSBPressure Seal Bonnet
PSEPlanning/Scheduling Engineer
PSHAProbibalistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
PSIPounds per Square Inch
PSIAPounds per Square Inch Atmospheric
PSIGPounds per Square Inch Gauge
PSNEXTPower Sum Near End Cross Talk
PTPercolation Test
PTAPurchasing Traffic and Accounting
PTFEPoly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
PTSPipe Tracking System
PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride
PVDPlant Vertical Datum
PVDCPolyvinylidene Chloride
PVDFPolyvinylidene Fluoride
pW Pico Watt  
PWPotable Water
PWACPresent Worth of Annual Charges
PWHTPost Weld Heat Treatment
PWIPower Water Injection
PZVPressure Safety Relief Valve


QAQuality Assessment
QAMQuality Assurance Manual
QCQuality Control
QCRQuality Control Record
QRQualification Record
QSQuantity Surveyor


R&DResearch and Development
R/PRequest for Purchase
RARoughness Average
RAMRandom Access Memory
RCReimbursable Cost
RCARequired Corrective Action
RCDDRegistered Communications Distribution Design
RCPReinforced Concrete Pipe
RCSRemote Computer System
RCSCReservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conferen
RERenewable Energy
REARural Electric Administration
REDReducer; Reducing
REPRenewable Energy Plant
REPADReinforcing Pad
RERRupture Explosion Radius
RFRaised Face
RFIRequest for Inspection
RFQRequest for Quotation
RFSUReady for Start Up
RGRough Grade
RHSRectangular Hollow Section
RIHRun In Hole
RJRing Joint
RLRelief Line
RLCCold Relief Line
RLWWarm Relief Line
RMRRock Mass Rating
ROReverse Osmosis
ROMRead Only Memory
ROTVRemotely Operated Towed Vehicle
ROVRemotely Operated Vehicle
RPReduced Port
RPMRevolutions per Minute
RPORestrained Push On
RSRising Stem
RSAResponsible Standardisation Agency Representative
RSCRadiation Safety Committee
RSCRReeled Steel Catenary Riser
RSORadiation Safety Officer
RTRadiographic Testing (Exam)
RTDResistance Temperature Detector
RTFEReinforced TFE
RTFORenewable Transport Fuel Obligation
RTMRiser Turret Mooring
RTPReinforced Thermosetting Plastic
RTRPGlass Fibre Reinforced Thermotsetting Resin Pipe
RTSAReal Time Security Analysis
RTURemote Terminal Units
RVLRestricted Vendor List
RWRaw Water
RWORain Water Outlet


SASulphuric Acid
SALMSingle Anchor Leg Mooring
SALSSingle Anchor Leg Storage
SASOSaudi Arabian Standards Organisation
SATSite Acceptance Test
SAWSubmerged Arc Welding
SCSanitary Code
SCASpent Caustic
SCADASupervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCISteel Construction Institute
SCPCSingle Channel Per Carrier
SCSStructured Cabling System
SDStorm Drain
SDDSystem Design Document
SDISteel Deck Institute
SDOFSingle Degree of Freedom
SDRStandard Dimensional Ratio
SEIStructural Engineering Institute
SGSpecific Gravity
SGSShell Global Solutions
SHFSuper High Frequency
SHSSquare Hollow Section
SISystem Internationale
SIFStrength Increase Factor
SIHSatelite Instrument House
SILSafety Integrity Level
SISSafety Instruction Sheet
SJISteel Joist Institute
SLRSSeismic Load Resisting System
SMAWShielded Metal Arc Welding
SMESSuperconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
SMFSystems Management Facility
SMHStandard Manhour
SMMStandard Method of Measurement
SMSSeafloor Massive Sulphide
SMYSSpecified Minimum Yield Strength
SOSlip On
SOCSafe Operation Committee
SOESequence of Events
SOLASInternational Convention for Safety of Life at Sea
SOWScope of Work
SP-WDSpiral Wound
SPCStored Program Control
SPDTSingle Pole Double Throw
SPESociety of Petroleum Engineers
SPMSingle Point Mooring
SPMBSingle Point Mooring Buoys
SPMTSelf Propelled Modular Transport
SPOSlop Oil
SPPCRSteam Power Plant Control Room
SRShort Radius
SRCSeismic Risk Category
SRDSoil Resistance to Driving
SROSenior Reactor Operator
SRSSafety Requirements Specification
SSStainless Steel
SSDSafety Shutdown
SSLStructural Slab Level
SSPCSteel Structure Painting Council
SSSVSubsurface Safety Valve
SSVSurface Safety Valve
STGSteam Turbine Generator
STOStock Oil Tank
STPSolar Thermal Power
STSStandard Telephone System
STUShock Transmission Units
SUDStart Up Date
SURFSubsea Umbilicals Risers Flowlines
SWSalt Water
SWASingle Wire Armoured
SWCCSaline Water Conversion Corporation
SWDSalt Water Disposal
SWLSafe Working Load
SWMHSanitary Water Manhole
SWSSanitary Water Sewer
SWWSanitary Waste Water


T&CThreaded and Coupled
T&GTongue and Groove
T&ITesting and Inspection
T-TTangent to Tangent
T/SWThreaded by Socketweld
TAPTrans Arabian Pipeline
TBBTelecommunications Bonding Backbone
TBBIBCTelecommunications Bonding Backbone Interconnectin
TBETechnical Bid Evaluations
TBMTunnel Boring Machine
TDTotal Depth
TDMTime Division Multiplexing
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMMTelecommunications Distribution Methods Manual
TDSTotal Dissolved Solids
TEDFLOWFlow of Inspection and Tests
TEGThermo-Electric Generator
TEMATubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association
TERTelecommunications Equipment Room
TFLThrough Flow Line
TFSTotal Field Supply
THRDThread, Threaded
TIGTungsten Inert Gas Welding
TKLSTurnkey Lumpsum
TLTrunk Line
TLCTotal Landed Cost
TLEThread Large End
TLPTension Leg Platform
TLTTotal Lead Time
TMGTrans Mercator Grid
TMGBTelecommunications Main Grounding Busbar
TMSTerminal Management System
TOCTop of Concrete
TOEThread One End
TOGTop of Grout
TOPTop of Pipe
TOSTop of Support
TPTechnical Proposal
TPGThermo-Powered Generator
TPVTrap Prime Valve
TPWTempered Water
TQMTechnical Query Memorandom
TRTelecommunications Room
TSEThread Small End
TSERTelecommunications Service Entrance
TSUTechnical Support Unit
TSYMTower Soft Yoke Mooring


U.N.OUnless Noted Otherwise
UAUtility Air
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UBUnion Bonnet
UBCUniform Building Code
UCUniversal Column
UCSUlitimate Compressive Strength
UDMUnified Dispersion Model
UELUpper Explosive Limit
UFCUniform Fire Code
UFDUtility Flow Diagram
UFLUpper Flammable Limit
UGSUnderground Services
UHFUltra High Frequency
UHMWUltra High Molecular Weight
ULUnderwriter Laboratories
ULSUltimate Limit State
UMCUniform Mechanical Code
UNCUnified National Coarse Thread
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
UNFUnified National Fine Thread
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNSUnified Numbering System
UPSUninterruptable Power Supply
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USFBUltra Shallow Floor Beam
UTUltrasonic Testing (Exam)
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator
UVUltra Violet
UWUtility Water


V/DVents and Drains
VACVolts Alternating Current
VBValve Box
VCEVapour Cloud Explosion
VDCVolts Direct Current
VFRVerification Finding Report
VGVent Gas
VHFVery High Frequency
VLCCVery Large Crude Carrier
VODValves Operating Diagram
VPVent Pipe
VPCVolts Per Cell
VTVisual Testing (Exam)
VTRVent through Roof


W/CWater Cement Ratio
WARMWeekly Automatic Requisition of Material
WBWelded Bonnet
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WCWater Column
WCHWet Crude Handling
WDMWork Discussion Memorandom
WEWeld End
WFTWet Film Thickness
WIPWater Injection Pump
WIPSWater Injection Pump Station
WISPSWater Injection Supply Pump Station
WMWaste Management
WMSWork Management System
WNWeld Neck
WOWork Order
WOGWater, Oil, & Gas
WOSEPWater Oil Seperation
WPWorking Point
WPSWelding Proceedure Specification
WRWeather Resistant
WRCWelding Research Council
WTWall Thickness
WT&HWater Tap and Hose
WTPWater Treatment Plant
WWWaste Water
WWPWorking Water Pressure


XSExtra Strong
XXSDouble Extra Strong


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