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DBP Management has been founded by 4 multi-disciplinary Managers.
We have experience in Project Management, Engineering, Operations and commercial & general management.

We are used to work with multi disciplinary (international) project teams and with & within organisations comprising various (cultural & professional) backgrounds.

Working with quality and safety systems is considered as our second nature.

We have the capability to provide services to a range of various clients, covering projects and tasks all around the world.
We are able to offer competitive rates either on a fixed price or by unit rate.

DBP Management BV was established to:

• Serve our clients with skilled management for complex and capital   intensive projects
• To support the client with post project tasks, management and management organisation.
• Ensure high quality within the contracts & tasks entrusted to us
• Enhance the customers’ profits
• Ensure reliable execution
• Satisfy clients and build long term relationships
• Get the job done!



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