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DBP Management is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating Project Management Consultant.
We provide (interim) Project Management including, but not limited to managing the professional engineering, contracting, procurement and construction, pre-dominantly for the process industries and energy markets and commercial real estate.

Established in 2010, DBP Management has profiled herself as an independent, Project Management consultant, building a bridge between customer and Project needs.

Making use of experienced Project Managers and our network, DBP Management is always able to find the right person for the job.

DBP Management is started by a group of Project Managers, who understand the need for independent Project Management in different type of companies and industries.


Besides the Project Management and relevant processes, we execute EPC (LSTK) projects for plant operators/owners in the process and power industries. We also perform engineering and project management services for contractors, equipment & skid mounted fabricators.

DBP Management covers the full range of management activities within projects, as client representative Project Manager, Project Consultant, Buyer, Construction Manager, Engineering Manager and Project Support as Planner, Cost Controller or Project Secretary.

Our company is committed to offering the full spectrum of management services to our clients from conceptual design to production, development, acquisition, manufacture, installation, ongoing maintenance in the field unto post project support such as commercialization and management organisation consultancy. We have access to highly skilled workforce, fully equipped to provide the highest quality workmanship and standards.

Our Project managers are flexible individuals with 10+ years of experience in Project Management. Their experience in different types of organizations, whether Governmental, Engineering companies, Mechanical contractors or Operators, has learned them to understand and emphasize the different needs in Project Management.

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